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Can I read my book in HTML mode? - FAQ 1134, updated 6/14/2013
If you are reading a book and there is an HTML view available, there will be a toggle button in the upper, right corner of the content reader - "HTML VIEW." While it is our intention to make as many books as possible available in HTML, some publishers opt not to enable this alternate format. more[+]
Can I search within a book while I am reading it? - FAQ 1135, updated 9/30/2013
Yes, you can. In the left nav of the content reader there is a search drop down. Expand Search, enter a search term and click "GO." A list of pages where that word appears will be listed below the Search box. Clicking a result will bring you directly to that page in the book. more[+]
How do I maximize the on-screen space available for reading? - FAQ 1133, updated 9/30/2011
There are many ways to get the most out of the reading space available. In the upper right nav you will see several icons that enable you to customize your reading experience. You can select "Full Screen," a two-page view, fit height or width, as well as zoom in or out. You can also hide the left nav and/or minimize your browser's tool bar. For example, if you minimize your browser's toolbar, hide the left nav and click "Fit to Width," one page will fit the width of your monitor and most available verticle space will be used. more[+]
How to Add a Book to Your Bookshelf - FAQ 1232, updated 6/12/2013
A book can be added to your Bookshelf in several ways more[+]
Why is my book or video in Preview mode? - FAQ 1132, updated 6/12/2013
A summary of reasons why a title might be in Preview mode, and how to make sure you have added the book or video to your Bookshelf. more[+]
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