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Can I get an invoice/receipt for my payment? - FAQ 1066, updated 6/14/2013
To obtain an invoice for your subscription fee or other purchases, login to your account and click the “My Account” link on the upper right side of the page. Click “Payment History & Invoices” to see all of your purchases for the past two years. Click “View/Print” to bring up a printer friendly version of the invoice. more[+]
Creative Edge Student Pricing - FAQ 1107, updated 6/14/2013
Does Creative Edge offer student pricing? more[+]
Does Creative Edge offer student pricing? - FAQ 1083, updated 6/14/2013
Yes, we are happy to offer a discount to Any person who is enrolled in classes at a educational institution (4-year, vocational, design schools, art institutes, photography studios, etc.). more[+]
How do I update my credit card information? - FAQ 1065, updated 6/12/2013
You can change your credit card information as well as other personal information and account settings on the My Account page. To access and change any of your account information, login to Safari Books Online and click the “Account” link in the menu associated with your name. To change your credit card information click “Payment Method.” more[+]
Why did I get billed after I cancelled my account? - FAQ 1068, updated 6/14/2013
The Safari Books Online billing process does not occur immediately. It can take a few days from the time the charge is authorized by your bank until the time it appears on your credit card statement. If you cancelled your account but were still charged it’s possible your cancellation occurred somewhere in the time period between the authorization and settlement of the charge. more[+]
Why is my credit card failing? - FAQ 1067, updated 6/14/2013
Credit card charges may fail for a variety of reasons. If you are having trouble processing a charge on our site, verify that the card is valid and has adequate funds, and confirm that you have entered all of the credit card and billing information correctly and completely. If you are sure all information has been entered correctly and you’re still experiencing a problem please contact Safari Books Online Customer Service. more[+]
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