Article 1244, updated January 29, 2014    

Explanation of Tokens

Provides a brief explanation of the history and purpose of tokens in Safari.


At one point in Safari's history, we included the ability to download a limited number of chapters or books.  The number of downloads allowed was monitored by the use of tokens on a user's account.   However, this was always considered to be add-on part of the service, and never a core part of Safari Books Online.   Our service has always intended to be a service to read books while connected to the Internet. 
The Safari To Go app includes the ability to cache up to three books for offline use.  Using Safari To Go is actually a superior method to read our content while offline, and yet allows us to retain the core functionality of Safari Books Online as an online service. 
As of June 2013, newly created accounts no longer receive tokens as a part of their subscription.   We now encourage all users to please try one of the Safari To Go apps for their favorite iOS or Android device.  

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