FAQ 1232, updated June 12, 2013    

How to Add a Book to Your Bookshelf


A book can be added to your Bookshelf in several ways


There are two ways places to add a title to your bookshelf.   

1) Click on the book you want to add to your bookshelf, which will take you to the Catalog page for that book.
2) On the Catalog page click the button "Add To Favorites."

User-added image

You can also add a book while viewing the book.   On every page there is a green button labeled "Add to Bookshelf."
You might need to scroll down to see the button.

User-added image

The steps for adding a book are the same for both buttons:

  1. Click  the "Add" button
  2. The "Add to Favorites" popup window will appear.
  3. Select "10-Slot Bookshelf" from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click "Save" to add the book to your Bookshelf

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