Article 1102, updated June 14, 2013    

Unable to Stay Logged into Creative Edge

This article provides information for Creative Edge subscribers that are unable to stay logged in.


Members occasionally contact Creative Edge to report that they cannot stay logged into the service. Creative Edge does not enforce a session timeout on accounts.

There are a number of causes for being disconnected from a Creative Edge session including Tabs and Windows, Multiple Computers, and Unusual Usage Alerts and Excessive Usage Alerts.

Tabs and Windows

Creative Edge is compatible with multiple tabs in a session, but is not compatible with multiple windows. The number of tabs open simultaneously is virtually unlimited and you can open and close them as needed. Opening a separate browser window, however, will result in a disconnection from your session, an error screen display, and possibly an account lockout that requires you to contact Customer Service for assistance.

Multiple Computers

Accessing Creative Edge on multiple computers may result in similar errors and lockouts as opening multiple windows, but the process and response from the system is slightly different.


Log into Creative Edge from your work computer. Your work computer controls the session.

With the work computer still logged in, log in again from your home computer. Your home computer takes the session from your work computer.

Any browser activity with Creative Edge from your work computer will result in an error:

User-added image

Your work computer will not reclaim your session. Click the "Sign in" button to create a new session from your work computer.

Creative Edge videos are not compatible with multiple tabs. Attempting to queue video segments in separate tabs will result in warnings and a lockout as described below.

Unusual Usage Alerts and Excessive Usage Alerts

These errors result from accessing Creative Edge resources too quickly. For example, if you are rapidly paging through a book, the system might interpret the activity as an attempt to capture and store content. The page rate is generous, so you should rarely see this error. If this error does occur, you will receive several warning emails, and finally the account will be locked out, requiring you to contact Customer Service for assistance.

Unauthorized capturing of content, by any means, is a violation of copyright law and our Terms of Service.






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