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Canceling A Paid Account

This article includes information on how to cancel your Creative Edge subscription.


You can cancel your Creative Edge membership, either temporarily or permanently, at any time.

Creative Edge offers monthly and annual subscriptions. Below are terms and requirements for cancellation.

Canceling A Monthly Account

Monthly account subscribers can cancel and reactivate their accounts at their convenience.

To cancel a MONTHLY account, we strongly recommend that you use the Cancel Subscription link on the My Account page.

  • To cancel your account, simply click the My Account link near the top right corner above the Creative Edge dashboard.

    My Account

  • The My Account pages offers, in addition to subscription cancellation, links for updating your account information or changing your password.


    Note: A cancelled subscription will be accessible until the end of the current paid period. No refunds will be issued.

Canceling An Annual Account

The procedures for canceling an annual account are more detailed.

To cancel a ANNUAL account, Creative Edge strongly recommends that you contact Customer Service for assistance.

An annual account cancelled within 14 days following renewal:

  • will receive a full or prorated refund.
  • will become inaccessible immediately upon cancellation and refund.

After the 14 day grace period, an annual account can be cancelled however it will remain accessible until the next annual renewal date. On the date before the next billing date, the account will become cancelled. Since this is the case, there are no refunds, full or prorated, for annual accounts cancelled after the 14 day period.

Important Information on Refunds

Per the "Billing, Renewal and Cancellation Provisions for Individual Subscribers" section of the Terms of Service, we are unable to issue refunds of any kind for unused time, remaining download tokens, or unused slots except for annual accounts within 14 days of renewal. Accounts cancelled online from the "My Account" page will have access to Creative Edge through the end of the current paid subscription period after which the account will be cancelled. This applies to both monthly and annual subscriptions.

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