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Rough Cuts - Overview

This article provides an overview of the Rough Cuts content within Creative Edge.


The Rough Cuts service provides early access to books as they are being written. It offers you the chance to be part of the development of future best sellers. This is a general information page for the Rough Cuts book you have selected (sometimes called the Catalog Page). From here, you can:

  • Begin reading the Rough Cuts book.
  • Read user Comments.
  • Add your own Comment or Reply to others.
  • Add this title to your Favorites.


Rough Cuts content typically becomes available on Creative Edge from two to six months prior to a book?s publication. In most cases books are about 50% completed when they initially enter the Rough Cuts service, however, the publisher may make the decision to include a Rough Cuts book when only a few chapters are available.


Rough Cuts content is updated as the author and technical reviewers progress.

You can choose to receive email notifications when new versions of a Rough Cuts title become available?just check the box at the bottom right of the cover image.

Table of Contents


Click any section of the Table of Contents to go directly to that section of the book and begin reading.

Search This Book

Rough Cuts

Use the search field on this page to search within this Rough Cuts book.

Type a search term in Search text entry field and click SEARCH. The search results list that displays will be sorted by Relevancy. Click Sequential to sort the search results within the book in descending or ascending order

Click a Search Results link to open the Rough Cuts book to the specific page for that result, with the snippet displayed on the page. If you have checked the Show Search Term check box on the Content Reader toolbar, the search snippet will be highlighted on the book page.



You have a chance to be part of the development of this book. Add a comment, read what others have said, and join the discussion. Click COMMENT NOW to add a new comment. An overlay will display with a form for writing, previewing, and submitting your comment.

Click the title of a specific comment to read that comment. In the Comment overlay that will display:

  1. Click POST A NEW COMMENT to add a new comment. You will see a form where you can create your comment and submit it.
  2. Click REPLY if you want to respond to that particular comment. You will see a form where you can create your reply and submit it.
  3. Use the Threaded or Newest First links near the top right of the Feedback screen to control the way you view the comments for this title.

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