FAQ 1071, updated May 5, 2015    

Can I suggest a title be added to your collection?


Yes, you can suggest a title be added to Safari Books Online by submitting a form on our support site.


To submit a title suggestion:

  1. Click on "Product Feedback" in the support portal
  2. Click "Title Suggestion"
  3. Fill in the appropriate information on the title and click Submit

We are sorry, due to the quantity of title suggestions we are not able to follow up with every title suggestion we receive.

Limitations regarding title suggestions

We are only able to consider title suggestions that meet the following minimum criteria:

  • The book has already been published.
  • The book is published by one of our participating publishers.
  • The book falls into the core topics/genres we already carry, i.e. Technology and Business.
You can find a list of participating publishers from the Advanced Search option by selecting the "by publisher" drop-down menu.

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