FAQ 1060, updated July 11, 2014    

How do I change my password?


You can change your password as well as other personal information and account settings on the My Account page.


To reset your Safari Books Online password without logging in, please go to:

To change any of your account information including your password, login to Safari Books Online and click the Account link which can be found in the menu attached to your name.

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Once you are in "My Account" you will see a series of links on the left.   Click on the "Password" link and you can change your password from there.

Passwords must be 6-50 characters long, must not include spaces, and must contain the following:
  • at least one lower case letter (a-z)
  • at least one upper case letter (A-Z)
  • at least one numeric or special character (0-9, !@#$%^&* etc.)
  • must be different from your username/email address

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