Article 1042, updated July 19, 2013    

Locked Accounts

Security Systems Protect Safari Books Online's Content


Safari Books Online strives to make a large quantity of content available to our subscribers.  We are contractually obligated to our participating authors and publishers to protect this content property from piracy.  As such we employ spidering detection software to prevent use of automated content retrieval mechanisms.  While we try to maintain a balance between our security obligations and the requirements of our legitimate subscribers, sometimes legitimate use of Safari Books Online can generate a Spidering alert.  These alerts can be triggered by:
  • Use of caching software or Web accelerators, programs that "speed up" your Web browsing
  • Automated content retrieval mechanisms and programs such as WebZip
  • Printing pages using browser functions such as Print Linked Documents or Follow Links.
  • IE 5's View Offline Feature
  • Use of Adobe Acrobat to browse Safari Books Online
  • Some proxy servers that attempt to download complete Web sites
  • Occasionally, cutting and pasting into Microsoft Word.

The activities above should be avoided.

Additionally, fast paging and high speed scanning through books can simulate the activity of a website spider - triggering our systems and generating a warning.  On occasion legitimate users may be locked out of their accounts.  To avoid a locked account due to the fast paging/scanning issue we recommend using the Search function on Safari Books Online when searching for specific content.

If you receive an alert, close your browser, open a new one and log in to Safari Books Online again.  If your account is locked, please contact Customer Service via our support portal at

As noted in our Terms of Service, use of automated retrieval software is expressly prohibited. Also, as per the Terms of Service, any content copied from Safari Books Online must be deleted or destroyed once the title is no longer in your subscription or you no longer have a subscription.

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