Article 1039, updated June 14, 2013    

Using the Mobile-Optimized Version of Creative Edge

This article provides an in-depth guide to using the Creative Edge mobile website -


Logging In

To login to the Creative Edge mobile website go to Enter your Creative Edge Username (email address) and password, and click SIGN IN. Home Page

After logging in you will be redirected to the Home Page:

From the home page you can search, browse, access your favorite content, read your PDF files and much more.


To access your Favorites list, click on the top link on the Home Page. You will be redirected to your Favorites list.

Note: Books on your Favorites list on the mobile site will be available to you in your Favorites on the full site and vice versa.

Click or tap on a book's title to read it.

Browse Categories

Click on Browse Categories on the Home Page to go to a list of all of the categories available on your account.

Top Books and New Books

From the Home Page click on either Top Books or New Books to bring up a list of 50 of the newest or hottest books on Creative Edge.

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