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How do I read an EPUB file? - FAQ 1168, updated 3/9/2015
There are many popular viewers for EPUB such as Adobe Digital Editions, Calibre, and the Firefox extension "EPUBReader" which lets you view files directly in Firefox. Read this FAQ for links to these viewers. more[+]
Can I print Safari Books Online content? - FAQ 1072, updated 6/27/2013
Yes, you can print individual pages. All books in the Safari Books Online collection have a print icon available near the top left corner of the viewer window. Clicking the print button will open your browser's print dialog box. From there you can select what printer you want to use to print your page. more[+]
Can I access my account from a mobile device? - FAQ 1096, updated 6/12/2013
Yes, you can access your account from a mobile device using our Safari To Go apps, or via our mobile optimized site. more[+]
Can I read my book in HTML mode? - FAQ 1134, updated 6/14/2013
If you are reading a book and there is an HTML view available, there will be a toggle button in the upper, right corner of the content reader - "HTML VIEW." While it is our intention to make as many books as possible available in HTML, some publishers opt not to enable this alternate format. more[+]
How do I cancel my subscription? - FAQ 1063, updated 6/12/2013
Log in to your account and click the “Account” link which can be found in the menu associated with your name. You will be taken to "My Account" Next, click “Cancel Subscription” on the left side of the page and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the cancellation. When you’ve completed the process you will receive a confirmation email. more[+]

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